Siesta Key Spring Break 3 Awesome Florida Vacation Rentals

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You’ve worked hard all semester long, pulling all-nighters with nothing but Cheez-It and a six-pack in the fridge.

When those third quarter exams wrap up, you can only envision yourself doing one thing, and it doesn’t involve getting a head-start on next semester’s reading.

Say it with me now: Florida.

More specifically: Florida Vacation Rentals.

A group of you procrastinators decided to plan a road trip in your buddy’s Accord for a spring break trip to the Sunshine State. Flights were too expensive for that particular week and the stars happened to align so that all of you knew how to drive a stick.

Initially, your friends assumed you’d be hitting Fort Lauderdale or Daytona beaches, but those destinations are sooo 2006, and you’re actually a senior now and more sophisticated in your choices.  Read: You seek so much more on vacation than doing a keg stand.

It was tough, but you narrowed down your search to these three off-the-radar Florida gems.

1. Panama City
Between your exams, papers and presentations, plus the partying you do on the weekends, there’s little time left in your schedule to just soak up the quiet moments. Here, you’ll find glass-bottom boats, water- and marine parks, boutiques, diving and kiteboarding excursions.

2. St. Petersburg
With its rows of antique furniture and vintage clothing stores, cool live music venue in the State Theatre and thriving fine arts scene (the Salvador Dali Museum is a trip), St. Pete is Tampa’s indie little sister. Drive 10 minutes and you’re in the always quiet Passe-A-Grill Beach, nested by the royal pink palace that is the Don Cesar. Don’t forget to have a slushy drink on the roof of Hurricane’s at the most luscious time of the day: sunset.

3. Siesta Key
If your agenda is purely beach-centric, Siesta Key happens to be blessed with some of the best powder in the state. In fact, Dr. Beach named this stretched his No. 2 pick on his list of best beaches of 2009. Prepare to step on some of the whitest sand your twinklers have ever set foot on, beach so soft that it won’t sizzle even in hot weather. Reasonably priced Siesta Key beach rentals abound.

Now, you have some decisions to make. This one should be a lot easier than deciding what you want to be when you grow up.

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